For one transparent monthly fee, take advantage of the security and flexibility that comes with our managed cloud infrastructure.


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Industry-leading security

Protecting your data is costly, complicated, and takes a lot of resources to maintain. The process can put a huge financial strain on a business – forcing them to hire expensive IT staff and opening themselves up to liability if the infrastructure fails.

When you partner with Ignitar, you avail of our comprehensive suite of advanced security features and certifications. Our Operations Specialists will maintain and patch your SAP Business One cloud, while protecting it in a highly secure datacentre with inbuilt physical and network safeguards.


We don’t just offer peace of mind - our managed cloud infrastructure cuts costs, reduces the possibility of network downtime leading to lost revenue, and frees you up to focus on business planning and strategy.

You’ll always have access to the latest feature upgrades and testing through our Application Lifecycle Management processes, and for one transparent monthly fee, we’ll work hand-in-hand with your SAP partner to extend the reach of your ERP and bring your users and applications closer together.

100% virus detection success rate

As part of our Advanced Security Suite, we’ve implemented Traps to secure your endpoints. The product has a sterling 100% success rate in enforcing network security and preventing cyber attacks.

This sophisticated software uses machine learning to automatically detect and respond to attempted attacks, stopping malware and ransomware in its tracks before they have the chance to get started.